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The Real New Yorkers is a blog for those with New York City in their heart.

Some have lived here an entire lifetime.  Others have come here only recently.  Many were here for a spell and left.  And always, there are those who dream of moving here someday. No matter the category, if you have New York City (all of New York, not just Manhattan and over-exposed precincts of the past decade’s darling, Brooklyn) in your heart, this is the blog for you.

Admittedly, while New York City is the greatest city on Earth, IMHO it’s a bear.  It can be downright impossible.  Which is why there are many who have lived here all their lives, don’t have NYC in their hearts — and never will.  And there are newcomers who just “get it” upon arrival and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

It is my sincere hope that some of the opinions you read here tie your knickers in a twist.  That ‘s as it should be.  Because, as The Real New Yorkers know, a daily dose of infuriation is truly part of the New York experience.

Visit often and share my passion.  And spread the word.

The Real New Yorkers is written by Martin Kleinman, a New York-based writer.  His collection of short fiction, Home Front, is available now, at your favorite online bookseller and from Sock Monkey Press.

8 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Another native! Over 60 years of Murray Hill/Harlem/Chelsea/SoHo/Greenwich VIllage. In that order. Enjoying your blog.

  2. Dear Fast Marty:

    Great tribute here and in the NY Times to Jimmy Breslin. I read Breslin, Hammill faithfully growing up. Thank you for your excellent writing. I will keep you on my regular reading list. I’m a Philly guy, but NY in all its boroughs have a special place in my heart. Your columns here are a great reminder of that. Blessings, Slainte, Salute & Shalom!

    • thank you for your kind words, Michael. I only wish I didn’t have to write that column. Have a great week and hope to see you back here at The Real New Yorkers soon.

  3. Marty-
    Read your excellent story on thisistheBronx.info entitled NFL.”Turn out the lights, the party’s over…” and thought it may be appropriate story reprint for my quarterly magazine, Back In THE BRONX (www.backinthebronx.com). Please contact me, Steve Samtur, editor.


    Steve Samtur

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